Project Description

MPH were on hand to provide a quick solution when it was confirmed that the age range of Fairfield Community Primary School would expand to accommodate an additional year group of thirty pupils.

As well as its core educational function, the school was also a hub for several community groups but the area in which these were domiciled had already been earmarked for conversion into a new classroom that was needed for the extra intake of students. Therefore, an alternative home to sustain community activities was required.

MPH were appointed as the principal contractor for a full turnkey package and all of the company’s expertise and efficiency was necessary to ensure that the work was completed during the summer months and ready for the start of the new term in September.

The tight schedule was rendered more challenging by an unusual issue that confronted MPH on initial inspection of the site, namely the presence of a dilapidated bungalow within the grounds. Both unsafe and unsightly, not to mention incongruous with the vision shared by the school and MPH, it was decided that the only practical measure was to demolish this antiquated building.

After the demolition was accomplished, the next challenge was to install a modular that blended aesthetically with the school’s adjacent buildings and thus the prefabricated structure incorporated a lightweight metal tile roof and was externally clad with a brick slip system. Energy efficient air source heat pumps added the requisite modern touch to the project.

The community associations, including the Women’s Institute, an organisation for disabled people and two pre-school groups, could then utilise the bespoke modular building, which consisted of a communal room, toilet and kitchen.

This was an assignment that exemplified MPH’s ability to forge harmonious relationships with key community stakeholders, which is always crucial to guarantee the smooth delivery of complicated projects.