Volumetric Construction

MPH is a volumetric construction company. Volumetric modular construction can also be known as modular, prefabricated or portable construction. It involves stacking, joining and assembling off-site made factory-finished modules to form a complete building.

Our Volumetric Construction Process

Designs and plans for volumetric modular sections are agreed upon before off-site construction starts. This ensures that the logistics of the delivery and installation can be planned well in advance, and also allows for greater quality control in the factory setting.

Sections are constructed in a factory setting over a number of weeks or months but are usually able to be joined on location within a few hours. Foundations are prepared ahead of time to ensure a quick and easy installation.

Before leaving the factory, the modular sections are usually fully fitted with electrics, heating, plumbing, doors and windows so that they are fully functional and ready to be used once in place.

Construction buildings off-site in a factory setting rather than on location results in quicker turnaround times, greater product quality and reduced disruption.
Once the volumetric modules are complete, they are then transported to their final location before being connected and installed using cranes.

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Benefits of Volumetric Constriction:

  • Reduce construction time

  • Bring down project costs

  • Optimise small spaces

  • Recyclable materials

  • Portable and moveable

Where Volumetric Construction is used

Volumetric construction can be used in any building sector, but is particularly popular in the construction of education buildings and healthcare buildings.

Generally any size and type of building can be assembled using volumetric construction methods, though the scope of volumetric construction can be limited by logistical challenges such as delivery distances and the size and weight being transported, which need to be considered before any project begins.


Volumetric Construction Sectors

We specialise in modular building solutions for a number of sectors and industries.


Our Volumetric Construction Portfolio

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