Go Modular!

UK modular buildings contractor

Established in 1972, MPH have assembled extensive expertise in portable modular build design and prefabricated offsite modular construction. Building on a trusted reputation, we design, construct and install new and used modular buildings for all government, commerce, charity and private sector organisations across the UK.

We are a member of the MPBA (Modular and Portable Building Association) and hold CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) Principal Contractor status.

Go Modular!

MPH Modular Construction Project Design

Modular designs with modern methods of construction engineered to meet high performance specifications
Fast-track modular construction delivering a modern and economical alternative to traditional build projects
Build budgets, timescales and designs managed in an efficient fast-track production environment
Green modular construction with high performance sustainable portable build technologies that are kind to the environment
Modern and traditional architectural features offering bespoke appearance and design performance options
Design flexibility with the unique inbuilt capacity to extend, reconfigure or relocate as plans develop
From production to handover, our modular construction projects are managed with a contract specific package
Modular designs are drawn up to detailed performance specifications taking account of Planning and Building Regulation conditions
Detailed site surveys are undertaken at contract planning stages in conjunction with the modular design process
Options are available for both new and used modular buildings offering project and budget flexibility
Flexible finance packages are tailored to procurement budgets and future development plans
Existing modular and portable buildings are surveyed and purchased prior to removal from site