Modular Office Buildings


Modular office buildings are a versatile solution for organisations when they are changing and developing. Our portable office buildings can be extended or relocated with efficient timescales and cost savings compared to traditional building methods.

From open plan office designs to meeting and conference rooms, our modular office buildings deliver modern and flexible workspace environments which blend in to your existing property.

Portable & Prefabricated Office buildings

Portable office buildings provide a modern design approach to many different construction projects. Manufactured off-site in transportable sections, our office modules are installed and linked together in single and multi-storey configurations to form infinitely-sized structures. This flexibility means you can have a portable office configured to your specific needs and designs.

Offsite construction processes deliver an efficient and cost effective building alternative. Prefabricated in the manufacture phase and delivered directly to site for immediate installation, we provide fast and affordable office accommodation that does not compromise on quality and functionality.

Sidestepping many of the frustrations of traditional build projects, our fast-track construction process results in portable offices delivered on time, on budget and with minimum disruption to your organisation.

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Benefits of Modular Office Buildings:

  • Reduce construction time

  • Bring down project costs

  • Optimise small spaces

  • Recyclable materials

  • Portable and moveable

modular office building

Modular Office Buildings: The Smart Construction Alternative

Modular office buildings offer a number of advantages compared to traditional construction methods.

Prefab Office Buildings

Utilising flexible modular construction systems, portable office projects can be undertaken on designated sites that are unsuitable for conventional building developments. At MPH, our efficient off-site construction enables much of the work to be completed prior to delivery, controlling costs and minimising disruption on site.

Health and Safety Focused Construction

Our portable office buildings meet industry Health and Safety standards. Peace of mind is safeguarded with warranties offered on the structural and individual elements of buildings. To maintain our excellent reputation within the industry, continuous quality assessment of products and service are carried out to ensure modular office buildings are of the highest possible quality.

Modular Office Building

Refurbished Office Buildings

As a sustainable form of construction, our modular office buildings offer a unique approach to recycling. By reconfiguring used buildings we are able to breathe new life into existing structures, preserving the embodied energy from the original manufacturing phase and significantly reducing the use of materials. Office modules are designed to be be dismantled, relocated or recycled at any stage during their lifespan; this approach is integral to the build process, removing the requirement for demolition.

Bespoke Modular Offices

MPH modular office buildings are available with a diverse range of finishes and designs to dovetail with the surrounding environment and meet local Planning Department conditions. Incorporating the latest lightweight building material technology, conventional building envelope design options are available to offer bespoke modern and traditional appearances.

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Our Modular Building Portfolio

See some the modular building work we’ve done across a range of sectors.