Off-site modular building techniques offer an alternative to traditional construction methods

By their nature, conventional building projects provide a challenging environment in which to operate. Construction teams are often exposed to unpredictable weather systems and onerous conditions that combine to compromise site safety.

Modular buildings meanwhile are assembled in a controlled factory environment where production performance systems are closely monitored and safety procedures are strictly adhered to.

Eliminating the considerable frustrations of conventional on-site construction, modular manufacturing processes remain unaffected by adverse weather and site conditions.

Utilising this approach ensures that minimal site works are required, an efficient fast-track build programme is achieved and notable reductions in on-site vehicular traffic movements are realised through substantially scaled down material deliveries and workforce travel.

Building projects often attract curious and uninvited visitors to site with safety concerns focused on potentially hazardous incomplete and ongoing construction processes.

Due to the lightweight construction properties of off-site construction, reduced foundation requirements minimise the scope of groundwork excavations and result in the use of less construction related contaminants.

A truncated build programme and the scaling down of related on-site construction activity both impact positively on safety issues. Further benefits are derived from housing reduced quantities of materials and equipment on site.

MPH offer customers peace of mind through proven and effective Health & Safety practices.

  • Modules are manufactured to comply fully with current Building Regulation and Health and Safety legislation
  • Building installation method statements and risk assessments are project specific and are prepared following a detailed site survey
  • Comprehensive insurance is provided with full details available upon request
  • A full Health & Safety policy is available upon request