Sustainable Modular Buildings


Our sustainable modular buildings are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We want to ensure that your building project is as energy-efficient as possible throughout its lifecycle.

Eco-Friendly Modular Buildings

Modular buildings can be designed to be just as energy-efficient as their traditional counterparts – if not more so. Our team of expert designers work together with architects to select energy-efficient materials. We aim to minimise heat loss (engineering a better U-value) by using eco-friendly materials for the walls, floor and roof of our buildings.

We encourage many of our clients to choose sustainable systems for their modular buildings. Eco-friendly modular buildings can have significantly reduced running costs compared to traditional buildings thanks to the materials we use. We can also add green technologies that will help even further; energy-efficient glass, PV panels, ASHP space heating – the possibilities are endless!

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Benefits of  Sustainable Modular Buildings:

  • Reduce construction time

  • Bring down project costs

  • Optimise small spaces

  • Recyclable materials

  • Portable and moveable


Sustainable Modular Buildings: The Smart Construction Alternative

Sustainable modular buildings offer a number of advantages compared to traditional construction methods.

Energy Efficient Modular Buildings

Compared to traditional building methods, modular construction requires less energy. Our buildings are manufactured off site in a specialist facility. Building in a controlled environment means that external factors are minimised. We’re not disrupted by weather and we don’t need to waste energy heating large areas. The construction process is more energy efficient and considerably quicker!

Reduced Resources

Our equipment and machinery does not need to be transported across the country – just the bare minimum required for installation, saving fuel costs and keeping our carbon footprint down.

We also reduce the amount of waste materials by building off site. Any surplus materials can be saved for the next project, reducing cost and waste!

Modular Classroom In Lincolnshire

Reduced Disruption

Further environmental benefits are realised on site through energy efficient construction, noise limitation and dramatically reduced vehicle movements.

Building modules are manufactured simultaneously to the completion of groundworks, thereby significantly reducing the build programme and the overall impact on a site environment.

Recyclable Modular Buildings

Perhaps the most eco-friendly aspect of modular building is that the buildings themselves can be repurposed and reused! We have a selection of refurbished modular buildings available in stock that can be purchased or hired on a long-term basis.

By repurposing and relocating our modular buildings we can reduce the amount of energy used (compared to constructing a brand-new building), materials used and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

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Modular Building Sectors

We specialise in modular building solutions for a number of sectors and industries.


Our Modular Building Portfolio

See some the modular building work we’ve done across a range of sectors.


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