Project Description

Supermarket giant Tesco tasked MPH with relocating a temporary modular building retail outlet prior to the construction of a new Tesco Extra store at Yate

MPH delivered the project within just 14 days amid stringent contract stipulations. Sited in a shopping centre car park, the temporary store measured 1,200 sq metres and comprised of 26 modular unit bays weighing up to 12.5 tonnes each.

The main challenge on this project was for the MPH team to work within exacting constraints set out by Tesco to ensure minimal disruption to their customers and shoppers in the town. Entry to the car park site was therefore limited to overnight only on weekdays, to ensure that customer access and parking remained uninterrupted. Additionally installation works could only take place at weekends during severely restricted hours, vastly reducing the overall timeframe in which to complete the project.

Drawing upon their extensive experience, the MPH design team produced an efficient programmed delivery of the modular buildings, ensuring Tesco maintained trading continuously throughout. The relocatable buildings were transported over two days on 26 vehicles and lifted into position using a 250 tonne crane on site.

Once the works on the new temporary retail outlet were complete on site, produce from the existing supermarket was transferred into the facility, which arrived fitted with tills and Tesco signage. Bound by Tesco’s strict UK-wide requirements for design guidelines and branding, door entry systems, retail stands, shelving, refrigeration units and storage facilities were incorporated in the scheme.

The temporary structure was erected on easily dismantled foundations, allowing the site to be restored to the pre-existing car park at a future date. As construction work was completed on the new Tesco Extra supermarket some 12 months later, MPH removed the temporary store facility, again with minimal disruption to the people of Yate.