Modular buildings offer a cost-effective, fast-track and eco-friendly alternative to traditional construction projects

Utilising flexible modular construction systems, projects can be undertaken on designated sites that are unsuitable for conventional building developments. At MPH, our efficient off-site construction enables much of the work to be completed prior to delivery, controlling costs and minimising disruption on site.

Modules are precision built in a controlled factory environment where fast-track production processes are undisturbed by adverse weather and site conditions, ensuring truncated build programmes, reductions in the scope of ongoing or incomplete site enabling works and safer, more secure site environments.

Designed to achieve full Building Regulation compliance and meet target carbon emission rates, our modular buildings are available as new or refurbished options, single or two storey, for sale or hire. New buildings are manufactured to detailed client specifications and space requirements with bespoke module sizes and configurations. Existing buildings are upcycled and adapted, undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment process.

From the initial build phase our modular buildings are constructed to be extended or relocated, offering flexible options for future projects. Modules can be inserted, removed or reconfigured at any stage with minimal disruption to existing buildings.

As a sustainable form of construction, our modular buildings offer a unique approach to recycling. By reconfiguring used buildings we are able to breathe new life into existing structures, preserving the embodied energy from the original manufacturing phase and significantly reducing the use of materials. Modules are designed to be be dismantled, relocated or recycled at any stage during their lifespan; this approach is integral to the build process, removing the requirement for demolition and in turn minimising the need for disposal in landfill sites.

At design stage we closely assess the environmental impact of our modular buildings and incorporate energy efficient systems in consultation with our specialist energy assessor. Prefabrication techniques produce a low-energy approach coupled with fast-track construction processes, both equating to minimised carbon emissions.

MPH modular buildings are available with a diverse range of finishes and designs to dovetail with the surrounding environment and meet local Planning Department conditions. Incorporating the latest lightweight building material technology, conventional building envelope design options are available to offer bespoke modern and traditional appearances. Architectural features including pitched roofs and facing brick wall finishes can be factory fitted prior to delivery and installation on site.