MPH have recently completed a 2 storey modular extension.

With a school growing in capacity, a larger dining hall was required to cater for increased pupil numbers at meal times.

In addition the extra space is planned to provide flexibility and additional teaching facilities.

Original plans were for a single storey traditional built hall extension located in a courtyard central to the school grounds .

The proposed building  position was immediately adjacent play areas and the only site access was through the main school playground. This presented Health and Safety issues segregating the works including delivery of construction materials and the use of plant and heavy machinery so close to an active school site. Other environmental  factors were considered such as noise and dust and there was very limited space on site for storage of materials.

MPH were able to offer a fast track off site solution minimising day to day disruption whilst segregating the construction works and safe guarding pupils and staff. Using off site construction the overall site programme was reduced and material deliveries to site were minimal. Works to link the modular to the main school were completed during school holiday shutdown.

The reduced site programme assisted with value engineering and meeting the project budget with reduced preliminaries

Furthermore, MPH were able to offer a 2 storey option within project budgets. The 2nd storey will serve as a staffroom freeing up further teaching space in the main school

The building was installed during winter months and during the inclement weather minimal time was lost in the programme which is one of the advantages of offsite construction.

Full case study to follow