At MPH Building Systems we can offer a complete design service from concept/feasibility stages, all the way through to comprehensive construction and production drawings, which form a vital part of any successful building project.

3D modelling has become common place within the construction industry in recent years, and is a development MPH building Systems were keen to adopt and use within current and future projects.

The use of 3D modelling has multiple benefits including,

Improved spatial understanding and a valuable communication tool.

Modelling a scheme in 3D allows the design team to fully explore every design decision, allowing all parties to gain a better understanding of spatial configuration, circulation flow, internal finishes/textures and cladding options. Moreover, 3D spatial models and visualisations allow design decisions to be efficiently communicated to local authorities, planning departments, and clients/end users ensuring all parties are constantly in the loop.

Improved operational efficiency and a potential for cost-saving.

3D visualisations can provide the opportunity to identify flaws or conflicts in the design well in advance of the construction process. The foresight a comprehensive model can provide improves operational efficiency, reduces costs, and ultimately streamlining the whole design and construction process.”