Using PV Panels to Power A Modular Building

MPH Building Systems recently designed and installed an energy efficient tennis pavilion for one of our clients. We combined a number of energy-saving techniques including adding photovoltaic (PV) panels to the modular roof. The aim of the project was to create an exciting, sports-orientated space which will have minimal lifetime running costs. 

Modular construction is a popular choice for a range of sports clubs; from cricket to rugby, tennis to athletics. Designing and creating small projects like this is part of our everyday work. But we recently installed a tennis pavilion with a difference.

Energy-saving at the core of the project

The tennis club were really focussed on saving energy with their new modular building. Gone are the days of draughty old changing rooms! They were looking at state-of-the-art technology to keep costs to a minimum while creating a stylish and modern clubhouse.

Our design team worked hard to come up with something that would meet the tennis club’s requirements. We used materials that would provide energy-efficient U-values (in line with building regulations!).  We included energy-saving internal fixtures and fittings such as an LED lighting system. Our installation experts also added air-source heat pump technology to reduce the tennis pavilion’s carbon footprint.

Installing PV Panels On The Roof

The final stage of the modular construction process was to install PV panels on the roof of the pavilion. This allowed the tennis club to reduce their carbon footprint (and energy costs!) even further.

solar panels pv panels on modular build

Solar panels are a great source of renewable energy and the technology is improving all the time. As energy costs from fossil fuels continue to climb, you can help to future-proof your construction projects by using renewable energy sources.

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