Prefabricated modular houses for sale at auction

News of an upcoming auction of prefab homes, with prices starting at only 30% of the regular turnkey project cost

As a result of insolvency proceedings, four prefab houses, built by modular home manufacturers Schachnerhaus of Austria, are due to be live-auctioned via webcast. Auctioneers Karner & Dechow are handling the sale of the transportable buildings, including all interior fixtures and fittings. Further information can be found at the auctioneer website.

Prefabricated buildings

For the post-war generation in the UK, prefabs (an abbreviation of prefabricated houses) were originally designed to address the nation’s housing shortage. Due to the speed of offsite manufacture and construction, these prefab buildings addressed the need for immediate and affordable accommodation but ultimately many did not stand the test of time.

It has taken time for these memories to fade but thanks to a new generation of high performance, precision engineered modular homes, perceptions are changing. Indeed, interest in prefabricated modular buildings for housing is on the rise in the UK, with popular television programmes such as Grand Designs showcasing projects from custom built Huf Haus designs to the architectural transformation of steel shipping containers, longlisted for the RIBA House of the Year award.

Modular home built from shipping containers

Grillagh Water House by Patrick Bradley Architects

Interior design of prefabricated Huf Haus

Huf Haus interior design

Modern modular buildings

From the prefabs of the past, lessons have been learned in construction, but the concept was proved to be sound and the founding principles of building faster and more efficiently remain. Embraced throughout the world as a modern and flexible option for all types of accommodation projects, modular buildings deliver impressive results and eco-friendly credentials.

Our modular housing pods provide custom designed home extensions using low-cost fast-track prefabricated buildings.

Offsite manufacture

As an efficient and eco-friendly form of construction, offsite manufacture minimises waste and reduces the impact of building projects on neighbouring site environments. Build quality is managed in a controlled production environment, where processes are unaffected by site conditions and adverse weather systems.

Eco-friendly portable buildings

Sustainable high performance technologies are incorporated in the design and build phase with thermally efficient materials and energy saving mechanical and electrical systems.