We recently completed a modular design and build project for Kilby St Mary’s School. On the day of installation there was a great buzz of anticipation as, from the safety of the existing school, the young children excitedly watched the building being delivered and lifted into position. So delighted were they with their new modular classroom that they decided to put together a story each to commemorate the event. We’ve added some of the children’s work below:

The day our new classroom arrived!

It was an exciting day on the 15th of March, this was the best Thursday at Kilby School. On that particular day our new class arrived. There was a massive crane as tall as the Eiffel tower, then there were builders they were working so hard.

Firstly the brave builders attached the first part of the building to the crane. Then it was tense, the crane lifted the building up into the sky. At that point I was so scared I was thinking ‘what happened if it fell to pieces, or if they accidently dropped it.’ After that, the builders were telling the crane driver to place the building on these pieces of slate. It was placed really carefully and nothing went wrong.

It was an awesome day and I’ll never forget it.


Mobile Classroom Arrives StoryThe day our new classroom arrived!  By Tilly

It was on the 15th of March when our brand-new classroom arrived. When my dad and I were walking up to school I saw a tall, thin crane peeking out from the hall.

About half an hour later our teacher, Mrs Richardson, led us out to see the classroom being put in place. Soon after we were joined by the rest of the school. We were told to make ourselves comfy on the benches until the classroom arrived.

We were all buzzing with excitement when suddenly … there it was! The first extraordinary part of the classroom arrived, making a huge and impressive entrance. By now everyone was cheering and clapping their hands like they had never done before.

We had only been cheering for about one minute when the next part came down. The builders guided it gently until it was perfectly in place.

Everyone as standing up and applauding the new classroom now. But there was more to come – the third classroom part arrived. Wow, what an experience!

We entered the classroom and it looked amazing. It had modern walls, lovely cabinets and the toilets, that did look rather small, were good too. It was so amazing and it had only taken a few weeks to change it. It is the best classroom in the school.


The Day Our New Classroom Arrived!!!  By Charlotte

Kilby Primary School getting a new classroom, amazing! Kilby is a small school, new classroom, new start and new experience. All our energy was revving up in excitement.

The new classroom arrived 15th of March. The whole school were sitting outside watching it being lowered in its three different parts. When the crane was still it looked as tall as the Eiffel Tower, but when it moved it was as slow as a snail, crawling along slowly. I was talking to a buddy, Niamh, about all the new changes we’d have. Class 4 were all as excited as each other. Watching the builders connect all three parts together was awesome. It was like using glue and coloured paper to make a picture.

We came out at lunch and all three parts were put together. A group of girls (including me) were hanging around watching the builders dig up the ground where the electrical wires would be placed into the ground.

One of the year 6 boys, Edward, said he wanted to be the first year 6 boy to go into the classroom so he could have something to remember when he goes to Kibworth.

The builders put a metal gate round where they were working so that a little child wouldn’t get crushed or hurt.

Inside they had built the boys and girls loos and some pegs to hang coats on. They also had shoe racks for our shoes to go when they were dirty.

So far Mrs Richardson is very pleased with the new classroom and she couldn’t wait to move in.

Going inside was a hit, even though it smelled a bit funny, and I’m really happy I got a chance to go in there before I go to Leysland.


Our Mobile Classroom ArrivesNEW CLASSROOM by Charlotte and Niamh

N  New classroom sparkly and clean

E  Everybody happy and smiling faces all around

W  When it came it was on the 15th of March

C  Cleverly made by all the hard working builders

L  Lovely new carpets, desks and chairs

A  All of the children watched it being delivered

S  Super cool, is what it is

S  Speakers to go with the smart board

R  Red drawers to replace the old blue ones

O  Oh how pleased we are with it

O  Oh how spectacular the views are

M  Marvellously pleased are we with our beautiful, sparkly new classroom!!!


 Mobile Classroom 3The day our new classroom arrived by Christopher

On the 15th of March our new classroom was getting made. It was spotted by a pupil in year five who lived down the road. Next a big lorry, longer than a house came with a big crane. The men got ready to work and they’re off. The marvellous big crane lifted the big heavy classroom onto the slates.

Next the men directed the builder in the crane to lift it safely onto the slates. Then a second later the men peeled off the black plastic like peeling a banana. Next the second bit of the classroom was lifted up again and put next to number one. Finally the same with the last one.

Then soon after it was finished and year five and six and the rest of the school clapped.