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Rabbsfarm Primary School

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I would like to express my gratitude to you and your company for the installation of three mobiles and the relocation of a fourth one as part of a rebuild process of our school. It was a massive undertaking to be carried out in an ever-shrinking timescale and it is to the credit of all [...]

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Prefabricated Buildings

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At MPH we supply a wide range of new and refurbished prefab buildings / prefabricated buildings for all business and government sectors. The concept of Prefab building / prefabricated building rose to prominence in the UK in the years proceeding WWII. Responding to the urgent need for quick and affordable accommodation, prefabs were built in [...]

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Modular Church Buildings

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Modular church buildings are becoming more and more common today. The main reason behind this jump in popularity has to do with economics. It costs a lot of money to construct a church building the old fashioned way, with wood, stone, bricks, and cement. Usually, when a new church building is needed, parishioners are asked [...]

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