Modular Hospital Construction

MPH modular healthcare buildings provide high performance accommodation to the health services sector. We have experience in working on NHS sites and often work alongside existing contractors.

Our modular construction is subject to the same building control and planning laws as conventional build projects and yet often outshines more traditional methods.

  • Plan elevation of modular hospital ward

Fast-track Modular Healthcare Buildings

Accommodation is planned and designed by MPH and constructed in a controlled factory environment under strict quality control systems. The units are then erected quickly and efficiently on site. Because the frustrations of traditional on-site construction are eliminated, this approach offers an unrivalled build time from order to completion and ensures performance to meet guaranteed deadlines. For hospital and medical environments where it is of paramount importance to provide a seamless service to patients even under refurbishment and relocation, the benefits of speed are tangible.

  • Open plan hospital ward
  • Hospital beds in open ward

Prefabricated Hospital Construction

Cost savings are realised where quality is monitored under factory conditions, site work is kept to a minimum and build programmes are not delayed by adverse weather conditions. In short, the cost is far less than traditional buildings which often cannot be completed in the required timescale.


The in-built capacity to quickly and economically increase, reduce or adapt the configuration of modular accommodation as user requirements change, sits well within healthcare environments.

Production enhanced buildings can enhance, not limit, architectural design and aesthetic impact. Building exteriors can be clad in a choice of materials with options to provide a maintenance-free finish. Building element specifications can be doctored to meet client and site specific requirements. Internally the accommodation is fully fitted to a detailed specification in the production and install process.

We also manage the installation of sophisticated service areas. Medical gases, hydraulic baths and nurse call systems can be incorporated with low pressure central heating, high specification air conditioning and complex electrical systems.

Financial Freedom

MPH modular buildings offer unique financial options. In addition to outright purchase, clients can opt for short-term hire – ideal where high quality accommodation is required urgently but the NHS Trust needs longer to consider the issue of capital. As a mid-term solution, leasing is often the preferred option where full maintenance and buy-back clauses are negotiable. At the conclusion of contracts buildings can be removed and the site reinstated for future development.

  • Hospital ward side room