Modular Further Education

Plan for a brighter future with a next generation modular education building from MPH.

MPH have a proven track record in developing a diverse range of cost effective modular education building projects for many local authorities, universities, colleges, training centres and higher education establishments throughout the UK.

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  • Science laboratory in modular university building

Modular training, college and university lecture rooms

From lecture halls to libraries, music rooms to art studios, training rooms to resource centres, IT suites to science laboratories, MPH provide an affordable turnkey construction package, designed to a tailored specification, built on time and on budget.

Designed with the future in mind, our bespoke modern buildings make the grade with a tough and durable envelope incorporating spacious study and play areas.

Building on the knowledge learned from our extensive experience within the education sector, our design team study the latest construction technology research to produce robust building solutions, engineered to meet the challenge of a modern education environment.

New buildings are constructed at our manufacturing base where intelligent design and the capacity for future expansion is inbuilt as standard.

As an alternative to new build, our refurbished options afford customers savings of up to 30-40% on project costs, completion in under half the time of conventional building projects and additional eco-friendly advantages based upon the principles of the three R’s: relocate, reuse, recycle.

Whatever the space requirement, MPH are top of the class with a 10/10 modular build solution.

  • Intelligent design
  • Cost effective
  • Fast-track construction
  • Minimum disruption
  • Future flexibility
  • Modular safety
  • Eco-friendly
  • Finance options
  • Immediate delivery
  • Permanent or temporary

Intelligent modular university building and training centre design

Educate yourself into a modern design approach with our next generation modular buildings.

By applying intelligent design principles and studying the latest build technologies, our project team work closely with customers to provide a modern and inspiring learning environment.

Fusing functionality with comfort, our intelligent design systems incorporate a high specification level to meet the targets for a modern, durable education building. Features including interactive whiteboards, climate control systems, IT cabling and sound absorbent acoustic ceilings are all seamlessly integrated into the finished design.

Aesthetic design options are also available, enabling our buildings to compliment existing architecture and dovetail sympathetically with the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, sustainable green technologies are readily implemented within the project design stage to support the eco-friendly credentials of a new modular building and significantly reduce energy consumption and running costs.

All buildings are designed to comply fully with the latest Building Regulation and Disability Discrimination Act standards.

For further details on design and appearance options please view our Special Projects page.

Off-site modular construction for further education

For clients in the education sector, maintaining minimum disruption to the school, college or nursery environment is a key equation in meeting the challenge of providing additional teaching accommodation.

Targets are met by utilising modular build techniques, where construction work on site is kept to a minimum and an efficient fast track build programme is achieved.

Modules are manufactured off site alongside the completion of groundworks, thereby significantly reducing the build programme and the subsequent impact on a site environment.

Furthermore, modular foundations substantially reduce the scope of excavation works required, with additional benefits realised through noise limitation, a cleaner site environment, decreased vehicle movements and improved construction safety and security.

Our project team understand the unique nature of education construction projects and work closely with clients to ensure that build programmes are scheduled to enable delivery and installation of units during holidays and out of school hours where required.

Modular fast-track construction for higher education

A modular education building from MPH enables you to add space quickly but with minimal impact to your school environment or budget.

Meeting the dual challenge of working within restricted timescale and budgetary constraints represents an important equation in successful education accommodation projects.

Modular teaching space requirements can change at short notice for a number of different reasons, from an increase in pupil numbers prior to the onset of a new school term, to the impact of a school fire.

Our project team are ready to respond immediately to the needs of customers when there is little or no room for manoeuvre.

Delivering a seamless fast track construction service from controlled off site manufacture to efficient on site installation, our buildings pass the test and are typically completed in half the time of conventional construction projects.
With much of the work being completed prior to arrival on site, we are able to supply a fast and efficient modular building solution. Units are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, where the build programme remains unaffected by problems with adverse weather and site conditions.

Immediate modular delivery

Options are available for both new and refurbished modular education buildings and we generally have a wide range of modular classroom and pre-school units in stock, awaiting immediate delivery to site.

For further information please view our Stock List or Contact Us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Modular flexibility for the future

Investing in the future, our modular building systems provide an adaptable alternative to traditional construction methods.

With shifting demographics and tight budgetary constraints, schools and educational establishments are constantly challenged to find sufficient classroom space for their students.

Utilising modular build technology, flexibility is built as standard within our design process. Future modifications are readily integrated into existing buildings with minimal disruption to adjacent buildings or surroundings.
Integral to the design process, this flexible approach is often an invaluable resource when responding to the problems of changing space requirements within a school environment.

Teaching areas can be reconfigured for different class sizes and uses, internal layouts can be adapted with ease and buildings can be extended or even relocated to another area of the school with minimum disruption.

Health & Safety for education environments

With extensive experience of working within the education sector, MPH employ proven health and safety practices to safeguard site safety.

Construction safety issues raise unique concerns when operating within the framework of a controlled school or college environment.

Building projects often attract curious and uninvited visitors to site and this can be of particular concern within an educational setting. Safety concerns focus on potentially hazardous incomplete and ongoing construction processes.

Through the use of modular build technology, a truncated build programme and the scaling down of related on-site construction activity both impact positively on safety issues. In addition, further advantages are derived from housing reduced quantities of materials and equipment on site.

Modular buildings are assembled in a controlled factory environment where production performance systems are closely monitored and safety procedures are strictly adhered to.

Utilising this approach ensures that minimal site works are required alongside the use of less construction related contaminants or wasteful materials, resulting in a cleaner and safer site environment.

Notable reductions in on-site vehicular traffic movements are realised through substantially scaled down material deliveries and workforce travel, with delivery and installation procedures scheduled for out of school hours where required.

Project specific building installation method statements and risk assessments are prepared following a detailed site survey. All modules are manufactured to comply fully with current Building Regulations, DDA and Health and Safety standards.

For further information please view our Health & Safety section.

Eco-friendly modular education buildings

For educational environments, modular construction scores highly in meeting environmental targets, not only in combining lower embodied energy use and consumption, but also by resulting in reduced site disturbance, faster completion, cleaner sites and reduced material waste.

Pre-assembly techniques minimise transportation whilst modular foundations reduce excavation works alongside the use of less construction related contaminants or wasteful materials.

Further environmental benefits are realised on site through energy efficient construction, noise limitation and dramatically reduced vehicle movements.

Green technologies such as solar panel heating systems can be seamlessly incorporated into the project design stage to support the eco-friendly credentials of a new modular school building and significantly reduce energy consumption and running costs.

For further information on the environmentally friendly advantages of our modular build technology please view our Sustainability section.

Modular build finance options

A range of flexible finance packages are available, with new and refurbished buildings available for sale, hire or lease.

For further information please see our Finance Options section.