A construction project in Norway using prefabricated modular buildings caught our eye – and gave us an idea for our next holiday destination!

The new adventure and exploration resort by architect Snorre Stinessen on Manshausen Island off the coast of Northern Norway features prefabricated portable cabins, cantilevered over the coastline.

Offsite modular construction and portable buildings

For construction projects with inaccessible site locations, offsite modular construction provides architects, designers, estates and project managers with ready-made answers to accommodation problems.

Built offsite, these transportable buildings overcome the difficulties of undertaking a construction project on a remote island location, working within with the logistical restrictions of accessibility, weather and environmental conditions.

Holiday cabin modular building over coastline

Two storey construction site accommodation project

Transportable buildings

The holiday cabins reminded us of a portable buildings project that we carried out for Hochtief Construction on the isolated shores of Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

Commissioned to build a hydro-electric dam on the banks of the loch, main contractor Hochtief required site accommodation for the construction phase. A new temporary road was constructed stretching seven miles into the mountainside where we transported a combination of new and used modular buildings and assembled them to provide resident site engineer offices, canteen, first aid and drying rooms.

Eco friendly relocatable buildings

In the case of relocatable buildings, at the end of a project the units can be simply removed from site with minimal impact on surrounding environments. Further eco-friendly benefits are seen with buildings recycled and refurbished for use on future modular accommodation projects.

Modular buildings flexibility

Of course, inaccessible sites are not exclusive to remote locations. In the case of healthcare and hospital construction projects, for example, space is often at a premium and sites are earmarked within confined areas and restricted boundaries.

At Sheffield Northern General Hospital and Hope Hospital we lifted our modular buildings over the existing hospital into enclosed courtyard spaces while at Yeovil District Hospital we installed a sterilisation unit and decontamination suite on the roof of the existing hospital.

Mobile crane lifting modular buildings