Prefabricated Buildings

MPH Building Systems believe that prefabricated buildings could be the best way forward for your volumetric construction project. We’re able to produce stylish and practical structures that cost a fraction of the price of traditional building projects. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the relationships we build with our clients. Further to this, our prefabricated buildings are a sustainable form of construction.

Prefabricated Modular Buildings

Our prefabricated buildings provide a modern design approach to many different construction projects. Manufactured off-site in transportable sections, our modules are installed and linked together in single and multi-storey configurations to form infinitely-sized structures. These prefabricated structures are suitable for a range of uses and sectors, from education to healthcare.

Our prefabricated modular buildings are designed to be dismantled and re-used at any stage, providing flexible options for future use. Off-site construction ensures minimal disruption to a site environment. It allows us to fast-track the construction phase of a project with efficient processes and quick installations.

Budgets can be reduced alongside project timescales. The risk of spiralling labour and material costs (often associated with traditional construction projects) is significantly reduced when using the volumetric construction model

Prefabricated Building Benefits

  • Reduce construction time

  • Bring down project costs

  • Optimise small spaces

  • Recyclable materials

  • Portable and moveable

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Prefabricated Buildings: The Smart Construction Alternative

These are some advantages our prefab buildings offer, compared to traditional construction methods:

Off-Site Prefabricated Construction

Utilising flexible modular construction systems, projects can be undertaken on designated sites that are unsuitable for conventional building developments. At MPH, our efficient off-site construction enables much of the work to be completed before delivery, controlling costs and minimising disruption on site.

Prefab Building Design

We manufacture new buildings to your detailed specification and space requirements with bespoke module sizes and configurations. Designed to achieve full Building Regulation compliance, our prefab buildings meet target carbon emission rates. They are available as new or refurbished options, single or two storeys, for sale or hire.

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Sustainable Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated buildings offer a sustainable form of construction,  a unique approach to recycling. They avoid demolition and disruption. We can also reconfigure used buildings and transform them into totally different buildings. This reduces energy, recycles materials and significantly reduces carbon footprints.

Our prefabricated modules are designed to be dismantled, relocated or recycled at any stage during their lifespan.

Bespoke Prefabricated Building Finishes

As a leading UK prefabricated building company, our prefab builds are available with a diverse range of finishes and designs which complement and blend in with the surrounding environment and meet local Planning Department conditions. Utilising the latest lightweight building material technology, conventional building envelope design options are available to offer bespoke modern and traditional appearances. Our modular building case studies can give you a flavour of the designs we have brought to life.

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Prefabricated Modular Building Sectors

We specialise in prefabricated modular building solutions for these sectors and industries:


Our Prefabricated Building Portfolio

See some the prefabricated building work we’ve done across a range of sectors.


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