At MPH we supply a wide range of new and refurbished prefab buildings / prefabricated buildings for all business and government sectors.

The concept of Prefab building / prefabricated building rose to prominence in the UK in the years proceeding WWII. Responding to the urgent need for quick and affordable accommodation, prefabs were built in factory environments prior to assembly on site. Over the years this modular form of off-site construction developed into a popular solution for school, hospital and office buildings.

Prefab Building Method

Although the methodology has been in use for many years, modern build technology has transformed the industry. The archetypal prefabs of a bygone era performed an important role but in reality they were limited and often considered to be only a temporary solution. Modern buildings adhere to the same principles as the prototypes of last century in providing fast-track and cost effective accommodation but the latest versions are built to last with impressive design life credentials, green technologies, energy efficient properties and options for traditional construction appearances.

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