Project Description

Used Modular Classroom (144 sq m)

Advantages of used modular classrooms:

MPH Building Systems have worked with schools and organisations in the education sector for a number of years. We have experience in installing both new and used modular buildings on to school premises. Our team can work quickly and safely (CHAS and MPBA accredited), ensuring that school life isn’t disrupted while work is being carried out.

Demand on school resources can change from year to year. Using modular buildings to house additional classroom space can provide a quick and cost-effective method of accommodating extra students.

Choosing a used modular classroom has advantages in terms of cost. But you’re not limited to the buildings we have in stock! Any of our refurbished classroom facilities can be adapted to suit your school’s needs. We can install additional welfare facilities and decorate off-site, so that your new classrooms are personalised to suit your needs.

For more information on the used modular buildings that we have in stock, speak to a member of our team today.