Project Description

MPH Building Systems were approached by an NHS Trust in England to produce a the exterior shell for a new modular hospital ward. The project was time-critical and we were able to manufacture the shell of the building in just 4 weeks. By using modular construction for the hospital ward, the NHS were able to save time and money throughout the project.

Modular construction is ideal in the healthcare sector. When construction needs to be fast-tracked, building the majority of the structure off-site makes sense. This particular NHS trust needed an additional ward quickly to deal with winter pressures. From taking an initial phone call, it was just 7 weeks until the modular hospital ward shell was delivered on site.

We worked alongside architects and NHS staff on the design phase, creating layouts for the new ward. These were signed off in just 3 weeks. We started manufacture as quickly as possible. From the minute the steel hit the factory floor, our team were working flat out to finish the off-site section of construction in just 4 weeks.

Throughout the project, our team were involved in all site meetings and coordinating other contractors. While we were working on the shell, the NHS team instructed their existing contractors to carry out the groundwork and install the drainage. At the same time, their design team and project managers were working on internal layouts and room design. Within just a few weeks, the project was well underway.

Adding a second floor at short notice

During the manufacture process, things changed.

We received a phone call from the NHS trust asking for a second floor to the building! This floor was to be a similar size to the ground floor and laid out as office space. The nature of modular construction means that this was not a problem.

Our team were flexible and we were able to deliver the shell of the ground floor as soon as it was ready. The second floor was then manufactured while the fit out for the ground floor was being carried out.The project managers decided to use existing contractors for the fit out. This benefitted the NHS trust in terms of cost savings because no sub-contracting was involved. It also allowed them to fast-track their specifications for the internal work.

We delivered the full outer shell for the new modular hospital ward in record time. The upper floor was fitted out in situ to create a modern and stylish workspace. There was also a canteen, bathroom facilities and meeting rooms installed in the upper floor. The new ward was then linked to the main hospital building for ease of access.

This project demonstrates how quickly and cost effectively a modular hospital building can be produced. For more information about working with your NHS trust, contact our team today.

“MPH can offer a full turn key solution for modular building. In this scenario, because of the time constraints involved, we worked alongside other contractors who had previously worked with this NHS Trust. We’re really pleased with how well the project came together and all deadlines were met.” – Jonathan Hunt, MPH Building Systems

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