Project Description

Prefab Classroom With Timber Cladding

A prefab classroom modular building was required by St John’s Church School in Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, to replace their teaching accommodation, lost after a departmental reshuffle. Essentially, their existing and undersized classroom accommodation was converted into essential office and meeting room spaces. So a prefab modular classroom was the ideal choice to replace this and provide a stand-alone classroom, classified as D1 education.

This stunning prefab classroom was finished in sustainable timber cladding, organically blending in with the school’s nearby buildings.

Prefab Classroom Modular Build By MPH Building Systems

Standalone Prefab Classroom Modular Build


The standalone prefab classroom is located adjacent to the existing playground, opposite the Art and IT building. It was one of the last areas on the school site suitable for development, so we constructed the prefab modular building bespoke to the space and size.

Although this new prefab classroom is a standalone building, it has a physical connection via the free-standing canopy of the existing Art and IT building. So students and staff at St John’s Church School can move freely between the buildings.


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  • Tailormade to match existing building aesthetics
  • Low energy consumption construction
  • Shape & size designed bespoke to your project

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St John’s Church School Prefab Classroom


We designed the prefab classroom building as a single-storey, flat roof building of a relatively modest scale.

With an overall height of approximately 3500mm and consisting of 3 bays at 10200mm X 8400mm, it echoes the proportions of the existing and neighbouring building. So like many of our education modular construction projects, the result is a spacious, modern space conducive to learning.

Timber Clad Prefab Modular Classroom Building St John's Church School By MPH


We designed the form and architectural appearance of the building to reflect the existing Art and IT block. The styling emphasis being on the use of sustainable and robust materials. This is why we decided to envelop the building using a combination of acrylic render with a terracotta orange colour coating.

Finally, the finishing design feature was the timber  – a prefab school building with timber cladding.

Prefab Classroom Internal At St John's Church School By MPH Building Systems


  • Walls –Render system with terracotta/orange colour and timber cladding to match existing building.
  • Roof – Single Ply Membrane flat roof system to echo materials used on existing building.
  • Windows – Powder coated aluminium to match existing.
  • Doors – Powder-coated aluminium to match existing.
St John's Church School Peterborough
Washroom Facilities In Prefab Classroom Modular Building
Timber Clad Modular Classroom Building By MPH-min

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