Project Description

The Garth School in Spalding Lincolnshire instructed us to complete a modular classroom block extension.

The existing/original school site had six classrooms, five of which did not comply with the required building bulletin space standards for a school of this type. The modular extension provided five new classrooms to the rear of the existing building, remodelling works within the main school also allowed for existing classrooms to be re-purposed or facilities to be moved. These new classrooms and the reclassification of existing rooms has brought the school in line with the required school size for the current number of pupils.



In the case of Garth School in Lincolnshire, they required 5 new classrooms to comply with the required building bulletin space standards for a school of this type.


Local planning policy:- Climate change and renewable and low carbon energy

Modular construction was chosen to compliment local planning policy. Through modular construction, the overall construction time was reduced, and the design was tailored to provide a standardised/efficient building – both in terms of the construction process and energy consumption.

The building has been orientated to provide the best use of natural lighting using large areas of glazing and high-level windows, providing a well-lit and outward-looking design and feel to each class base which in turn connects intrinsically with its associated outdoor ‘spill-out’ area.

Local planning policy:- Community health and wellbeing

The new building is positioned on the existing playground. To counteract this reduction in space, the play area was extended onto the existing school field, which was underused due to the needs of the pupils. Although the physical green area of the playing field is reduced, the outdoor spaces provided are more usable through a larger playground accessed from the classrooms, plus a new internal courtyard which will allow the children to play in an ‘enclosed’ environment or suit their individual needs.


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The new modular extension block provides five new classroom bases and supplementary spaces. This includes group rooms, much-needed storage facilities and hygiene suites positioned around a central courtyard.

The building has purposely been designed as a single storey construction to reduce the impact on neighbours and to match the appearance of the existing single-storey school.

The rear extension joints the existing school in two places creating an internal courtyard and integrating the new with the old. We designed the new modular building to be single storey, consistent with the existing school where the accommodation is a single storey, apart from the hall and the swimming pool building with a slightly higher roof/ceiling height.

The new building follows the existing building line and therefore steps away from the boundary as it extends into the site.

Although the extension encroaches on the existing play space, a new play area has been created within an internal courtyard.


The design is predominantly a single storey school structure that links back to the existing building (classrooms 2-5 occupy a double-height space).

Carefully considering the materials, we choose finishes to enable the new building to sit comfortably with the existing school building and the surrounding area.

We choose to clad the buildings in vertical timber cladding, using two colours, Black: Dark Night and golden/sand: Savanna. Also, we used Kingspan cladding (both on the roof to the double-height spaces and hung vertically). These claddings ensured a softer building which will have less impact on the surrounding area.

We used similar materials and geometric forms to create a balance between the old and the new.

Also, we positioned the buildings to get the best natural light. By installing lots of windows, both low and high-level, the result is a sun-lit, reflective and spacious area for productive learning.

The Garth School Federation in Spalding, Lincolnshire


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