Project Description

Modular Meeting Rooms Office Building (37.2 m2)

We recently installed a prefabricated office building designed with modular meeting rooms in mind. This client is a luxury car manufacturer based on a large UK site. They were looking to provide additional meeting room space for staff. And required a quick and cost-effective build project. We delivered this project in just 6 weeks! Their new modular office building contains a large boardroom-style meeting room and a smaller, more informal meeting space.

An existing client came to us with an urgent need for additional meeting space. Their production site is large, and they wanted a meeting space for production managers working away from the main office buildings.

Having worked with us before, they knew that MPH provides a high standard of work and that modular buildings are a cost-effective way to provide additional workspace. We were their first choice for designing and building a modular office building.

Fast construction of a prefabricated office building for meetings

We already had a good understanding of what this client was after; something simple and stylish. We were able to design, build and install their new modular office building in just six weeks. This meant that there was no disruption to production and minimal time on site.

The main function of the modular office building was to provide meeting space, so we designed two rooms; one in a boardroom style and one for less formal meetings. We installed the data cablings and connected the building to the main site alarm systems. The meeting space has full Wi-Fi connectivity as well as telephone links and televisions for video conference calls. For added comfort, we installed air conditioning.

The client has been pleased with the work, and we’re happy to maintain a long-term, professional relationship. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

“We work with this particular client on a regular basis and we’re always delighted when they approach us with a new project. This particular modular build was fairly straightforward, and we were able to complete it in a relatively short timescale.” – Jonathan Hunt, Director, MPH

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