Off-site modular production built to order

Multi-link prefabricated buildings of any size are custom built to order and include all internal partitioning, doors, windows, lighting, plumbing etc. Units are manufactured and constructed in a controlled factory environment and delivered and erected on-site throughout the UK.

To maintain MPH’s excellent reputation within the industry, our designers constantly review the latest materials and technology available and study how they can be applied to our products. With a hands-on approach from design through to construction, our skilled and dedicated team work together to ensure that new buildings are of the highest possible quality.

Purpose-designed prefabricated buildings

Customers can choose from a selection of unit modules ranging in length from 6.000 to 12.000m. Typically units are manufactured in increments of 1.200m with a standard width of 3.000m, however non-standard sizes can be manufactured and supplied to order. All new accommodation is purpose-designed and built to specification utilising our in-house computer-aided design facility.