March 2013

Going Green and the impact on modular building design…

2017-05-05T12:03:40+01:00March 12th, 2013|Categories: Environmental Benefits|

As UK construction standards evolve to improve long-term renewable energy performance, here at MPH we monitor developments in Building Regulation legislation on an ongoing basis to assess the impact on our modular building systems. At the forefront of the industry, our project team constantly evaluate the latest green technologies available on the market to investigate [...]

March 2010

Green Issues and Modular Buildings

2021-10-13T14:26:41+01:00March 17th, 2010|Categories: Environmental Benefits, Modular Buildings|Tags: , , , , |

'Off Site Construction', 'Build Off site', 'sustainability', and 'renewable energy' are all fashionable buzz key words that seem to be everywhere we go today. Not for the modular building and portable building industry, though, these are all familiar phrases that we have been using for many years; buildings produced in these modern times tick all [...]

April 2009

Kirklees Metropolitan Council

2017-05-05T12:07:17+01:00April 15th, 2009|Categories: Environmental Benefits, Health Services|

MPH solves housing crisis MPH Building Systems Limited proves it is at the forefront of design innovation with their new self-contained special needs units. Working closely with Kirklees Metropolitan Council, MPH has introduced a modular building solution for disabled and special needs council house tenants. If treatment cannot take place in the home, people occupy [...]

January 2009

Going Modular, Going Green

2017-05-05T12:07:23+01:00January 26th, 2009|Categories: Environmental Benefits|

Construction can create significant waste and use significant energy in its process. This simple fact is leading many to turn away from site built projects and look into “going modular.” A recent article by ZN Custom Building stated “modular homes create 90 percent less waste than site a built home”.  So, where do we begin to support this quote. [...]

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