As part of MPH’s ongoing Research and Development, we have installed our first green roof on a recently completed education project.

Green roofs, often referred to as sedum roofs, can be tailored to meet project specific planning conditions and offer many environmental benefits. Requiring minimal maintenance, green roof technology serves as a sustainable urban drainage scheme, absorbing rainwater and managing stormwater run-off, whilst filtering pollutants and creating a living habitat for wildlife.

Incorporating a mono-pitch roof construction, our design criteria centred around structural upgrades to support the weight of the system plus additional waterproofing. Combined with a sympathetic stone and render wall finish, the green roof design offered additional insulation properties and delivered a minimal impact on the built environment and surrounding countryside.

The modular sections were transported to site with a temporary roof covering and once installed this was overlaid with a fully-tanked high-performance waterproof membrane to act as a vegetation root barrier. The green roof system incorporated various drainage channels, populated with selected low growing plants.

For more information please see our project case study.