Used Modular Buildings

At MPH we maintain a wide range of used modular buildings in stock at all times, adaptable for many uses and available for immediate delivery to site.

Representing a cost-effective, fast-track and eco-friendly solution, our recycled modular and portable buildings undergo a comprehensive refurbishment programme. Layouts are fully flexible however by utilising existing stock buildings we are able to offer impressive savings on the cost of a manufactured new build alternative in conjunction with an equally impressive fast-track build programme.


Reusing existing structural frame and steelwork components from demountable units preserves the embodied energy from the original manufacturing phase and extends the life cycle of a building. Modular and portable buildings are unique in this regard due to their relocatable nature and offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable form of construction.

With the addition of new energy efficient build components, renewed finishes and materials, new electrical and mechanical installations etc. our buildings are not only recycled but upcycled.

The Refurbishment Process

Modules are selected from existing building complexes in stock to undergo a comprehensive refurbishment and reconfiguration process. By refurbishing the buildings off-site at our production base we are able to oversee the construction process efficiently and manage costs within a controlled factory environment.

Upon confirmation of external and internal colours, finishes and specifications, material orders are placed and work is commenced in accordance with detailed plans drawn up by the MPH in-house design team. Adapted to specific site constraints, Building Control and Planning conditions, stock units are transformed to exacting standards.

Quality Control

At MPH we set very high standards in our refurbishment process as part of our ongoing quality control checks.
Building on our proud reputation for responsible refurbishment we conduct thorough inspection works and monitor the latest building material technology. In meeting our key objectives we are able to reassure customers with the confidence of our refurbished building warranties.

Energy Efficient

As part of the upgrading process existing insulation levels are supplemented where required alongside the installation of energy efficient lighting and environmentally friendly space heating systems to ensure that future running costs are kept to a minimum.

To demonstrate full compliance with the latest Building Regulation Part L requirements, SBEM calculations are commissioned and approved by our specialist energy assessor following detailed consultation. Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are issued upon project completion.