Relocatable Buildings

Relocatable buildings provide a modern design approach to many different construction projects. Manufactured off-site in transportable sections, modules are installed and linked together in single and multi-storey configurations to form infinitely sized complexes.

Due to their relocatable nature, buildings are designed to be dismantled and re-used at any stage, providing flexible options for future use and offering unique energy efficient properties. Off-site construction ensures minimal disruption to a site environment and enables projects to be fast-tracked with efficient processes and quick building installations. Budgets are also reduced in tandem with project timescales as expedient and controlled works reduce the risk of spiralling labour and material costs often associated with traditional construction projects.

At MPH we design, supply, install and relocate buildings for all business and government sectors throughout the UK. Alongside the manufacture of new buildings, we maintain a varied stock of used modular buildings suitable for many different uses and available for immediate delivery to site.

Mobile Buildings

Additionally we also project manage the movement of existing buildings, from dismantling and transportation to installation and completion in different locations. Building complexes can also be reconfigured and moved to a number of different sites or stored off-site for future installation.

For further information on our relocatable buildings please contact our project team.