modular school buildingsIn early December 2008 St. Helena Central High School in Greensburg, USA was devastated by fire. With the majority of the school destroyed children had to make do with makeshift classrooms in the school gym, hardly a stable learning environment.

When patience was running thin and students were becoming increasingly restless the school turned to modular classrooms to help alleviate the stress.

Jonathan Hunt, managing director at MPH Building Systems, explains why modular buildings are the perfect solution in such situations.

“Any disaster, at any location, brings a whole host of challenges to the organisation effected. What people on the outside world may not appreciate is that school life, work life or the issues in the surrounding community don’t stop. What’s needed is a speedy, cost effective solution that can provide some stabilisation and normality as quickly as possible.”

Modular classrooms may not be top of your list if you have an old fashioned view of ‘the school prefab’ but actually they have evolved into something you may not even recognise.

The buildings now come in all shapes and sizes, different colours and even offer a PERMANENT solution if required. Many in the industry also claim that the whole building process is up to 50% cheaper than conventional building methods – whats more its definitely a quicker option. The units themselves are produced in a factory environment and shipped to the site where they are put together like a giant jigsaw. All of this means that the weather does not prevent construction and massive savings are made. With time on site reduced dramatically you’ll even save on the security wages, not having to secure a site for months and months.

Jonathan continued, “We often have refurbished units that we can mobilise fairly swiftly and if we are out of stock we certainly have the resources to locate buildings, even if its only a short term measure. We can certainly help out and reduce the problems.”

The full story regarding the high school disaster can be read here. We wish the school a speedy recovery and hope they can secure the funding they require quickly.